100 Things You Don’t Know About Me.

Everyblogy has one…here’s mine.

1. I am 70 inches tall.
2. I have five dogs.
3. I live in Michigan.
4. I’m really excited American Gladiator will be back on TV (January 6th)
5. I enjoy bad TV – I watch it with a horrified fascination.
6. I felt that way about the TV show “The Swan”, hideously intoxicating.
7. I played basketball, volleyball and softball in highschool.
8. I was a class A All State basketball player.
9. I was offered a basketball scholarship.
10. I declined when my father commented “oh good, you can live at home”.
11. My favorite singer/songwriter is Lucinda Williams.
12. I have so many books that they no longer fit on my bookshelves.
13. I need more bookshelves.
14. An “ex-girlfriend” just threw my things in a box and mailed them to me.
15. In the box she gave me a book “The Queen of Oddballs”.
16. I don’t have balls – still I think it was a message.
17. When I turn off the lights my parrot says “goodnight”. Then he asks for a kiss – then he says “I love you”.
18. The parrot also says “dammit Lucy”.
19. I have a pair of cowboy boots.
20. I think boots are incredibly sexy, especially on women.
21. I had my first girl crush in the fifth grade.
22. I kissed my first girl in the fifth grade, we went to second base too.
23. Her parents almost caught us.
24. I came out when I was 39 years old.
25. I’ve never been married.
26. I was a marginally successful heterosexual for many years. (OK I was largely awful).
27. The last time I went out with a man I thought “if he touches me I will be physically ill”.
28. I just discovered Melissa Ferrick’s music.
29. I am stalking Melissa Ferrick.
30. Lucinda Williams is happy to have a break.
31. I work out 5-6 days a week for 1-2 hours.
32. I have a 13 year old golden retreiver, we have gone on at least 4,745 walks together.
33. I feel very blessed to have enjoyed so much time with this dog – still I cannot imagine not having his company.
34. My favorite dog is named “Bliss”. He is not a Golden Retreiver.
35. I have one brother.
36. I am the oldest child.
37. I am still a child but someday I’ll decide what I want to be when I grow up.
38. I have a B.A. from Michigan State University in Design.
39. I worked for over 15 years as a creative director and buyer for a retailer very much like Crate and Barrel.
40. I did not work for Crate & Barrel…I did shop there a lot.
41. Now almost all of my shopping goes on in bookstores.
42. I was discriminated against in my last job for being gay. It was a Humane Society of all places.
43. I am now self employed. I love my boss!
44. I work in animal training and behavior.
45. I also co-own another company that designs, manufactures and sells t-shirts, sweats, posters, buttons and magnets.
46. The designs have a “doggy” theme for the most part. I provide the humor for the designs (sort of).
47. We are all funny, we are all talented.
48. I once spent a week alone hiking all over Arizona’s Senora Desert with my Nikon.
49. One of my best vacations was hiking through the Senora Desert.
50. I don’t like living in Michigan.
51. I want to move to the southwest preferably New Mexico.
52. I spent a wonderful vacation in Oregon – I cried when I got back on the plane.
53. I was also in love with the woman in Oregon…so I cried a bit for both the loss of the landscape, and the lass.
54. I love to dance.
55. I have a road bike – there are few things I enjoy more then going out and riding 25-30 miles.
56. I have a genius I.Q.
57. Based on how I spell, as well as my bank account, I haven’t done much with it.
58. My favorite poet is Mary Oliver, or it might be e.e. cummmings, or it might be…
59. I tend not to have favorites.
60. I am intense.
61. Some women love my intensity.
62. The last one said “you are too intense”.
63. I am happy with simple things and I am very complex.
64. There are things that are important in life, one should make sure they get them.
65. Good coffee is important.
66. A great hair cut is important, spare no expense – even if you haven’t made your house payment yet.
67. My hair as a child was auburn.
68. I have no idea what my natural hair color is. I’ll bet it’s going grey.
69. Shaved. (ohh la,la)
70. I can bench press over 75 lbs.
72. Today I put 320 lbs. on the leg press and moved it 15 times.
73. Then I did it again.
74. I am in the best shape of my life.
75. It took me 45 years to like my body.
76. Wit is a brilliant movie, it’s sad, Emma Thompson is amazing in it.
77. I am considering stalking Emma Thompson.
78. I am single now.
79. I am inclined to like younger women.
80. I have more energy then most people, yet I am incredibly lazy.
81. I wear a pendant that reads “Erase Hate” almost everyday.
82. I was raised Catholic.
83. I don’t consider myself religious.
84. Buddhism is intriguing to me, in regards to an organized religion.
85. I was born into a Republican family — I still think someone switched me out in the hospital.
86. I look too much like the Republicans for a mistake to have been made.
87. I lost my father to Alzheimer’s disease nearly a decade ago.
88. When a loved one has Alzheimer’s you lose them twice.
89. I have a high sex drive.
90. If I am not moving I am reading, or writing, or contemplating my navel.
91. I walk my dogs almost every day regardless of weather.
92. One of my dogs sleeps on the bed – the others visit and jump back down.
93. MSU wanted me to play volleyball with their team, I declined.
94. Am considering going back to school to study fine art/photography.
95. We need to keep growing – we grow the most in our relationships to other people.
96. I want a girlfriend, I am generous and ridiculously romantic.
97. I think Jewish women are very sexy.
98. I love to eat – especially ethnic foods.
99. I drive a Honda Element.
100. I am many things but mostly I want you to think I am thin, and pretty.
101. I am worried you do not think I am thin or pretty.
102. I am NOT insecure — I’m really not. Do you think I’m insecure?
103. I am funny. And I ramble on, and on, and on. (at least on paper, not in person)
104. I don’t follow rules — was I supposed to stop at 100?
105. I am a strange sort of over achiever.
106. Do you at least think I’m funny………….


One Response to “100 Things You Don’t Know About Me.”

  1. Denise @ Flamingo House Happenings Says:

    lol @ stalking Melissa. Join the club, it’s a very large club and we are always glad to have another member.

    Unfortunately, she hasn’t been down south much lately so my stalking has been light. I’m looking forward to more stalking in 2008, even if it means I have to fly around the country to do it.

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