Signing Out On Sunday

Signing out as my dogs and I are taking a snow day…well I guess we already did. Sunday comes to a close in this season of long shadows. Near blizzard conditions in Michigan today nonetheless we dug ourselves out, did some snowshoeing and hit the grocery store.

With a stomach full of pasta and a big glass of shiraz…I sign out. Better not to blog under the influence of a good red wine.

Be sure to watch 60 minutes –a story on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will be on.

Nighty night-


3 Responses to “Signing Out On Sunday”

  1. Hahn at Home Says:

    Sometimes, blogging with a glass of Shiraz behind ya’ is a good thing.

  2. Mid-life Clarity Says:

    Ha Hahn — I’d rather read with a glass of Shiraz and your blog gets even funnier that way.

    I love your application for dating …oh how many times I should’ve used it.

  3. Hahn at Home Says:

    Shouldn’t we all? From stupid mistakes come great inspiration.

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