Short Story For The Day.

Well it could be about my love life that would certainly be short. I was reflecting this morning on impermanence, the book I read yesterday, and on J. Why is it that we can spend more time letting go of someone we dated, then actually dating them?

Does it mean there’s a lesson there? I dated D. for weeks and while sort of saddened to end things with her, it was also a relief. What gives? And it’s mutual this sort of lack of release/closure.

I feel like a fish on a bloody hook – reel me in or let me go. And so it goes – and so she goes.

I will do my best to practice the Buddhist principle of non-attachment, have some more coffee and head to the gym. I don’t have any work booked which is a little scary, if I was sitting on a large sum of disposable income this would be a fantastic time to travel. For me preferably to the southwest – alas no. But the sun in shining today, in the most overcast city in the nation and I shall do my best to play as much as possible, while waiting for the phone to ring.

Let’s see I think I was going to share a short story – this is the entire story. It’s beautiful. Amy Hempel is a brilliant writer and a master at killing you with a sentence. From Amy Hempel “The Collected Stories” – which is now out in paperback. I highly, highly recommend one purchase it.


By Amy Hempel

Every time you see a beautiful woman, someone is tired of her, so the men say. And I know where they go, these women, with their tired beauty that someone doesn’t want-these women who must live like the high Sierra white pine, there since before the birth of Christ, fed somehow by the alpine wind.
They reach out to the animals, day after day smoothing fur inside a cage, saying, “How is Mama’s baby? Is Mama’s baby lonesome?”
The women leave at the end of the day, stopping to ask an attendant, “Will they go to good homes?” And come back in a day or so, stooping to examine a one-eyed cat, asking, as though they intend to adopt, “How would I introduce a new cat to my dog?”
But there is seldom an adoption; it matters that the women have someone to leave, leaving behind the lovesome creatures who would never leave them, had they once given them their hearts.

Good writing — it’s just a reason to get up and live our lives isn’t it. So painfully beautiful it reveals to us just how much we all have in common.

Go read something lovely — I recommend Hempel today.


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