Desert Quartet

A photo manipulation from some shots I took in the Senora Desert.

Terry Tempest Williams is an amazing writer – her work is non-fiction and it’s all inspired, interesting reading.

Here is a great quote from her book “Desert Quartet”…

“No compass can orient me here, only a pledge to love and walk the terrifying distances before me. What I fear and desire most in this world is passion I fear it because it promises to be spontaneous, out of my control, unnamed, beyond my reasonable self. I desire it because passion has color, like the landscape before me. It is not pale. It is not neutral. It reveals the backside of the heart.”

And that is one of my resolutions for 2008, to have more passion. And no doubt more resolutions will probably spill out, from dark places – drawn into the light, in these idle days as I wait to go back to teaching/working again. In the interim I am enjoying the time to reflect on a year that passes and on my goals for the new one that begins.

Williams continues in Desert Quartet…
“Through the weathering of our spirit, the erosion of our soul, we are vulnerable. Isn’t that what passion is – bodies broken open through change? We are acted upon. We invite and accept life of another to take root inside. The succession of the canyons is like our own. A maidenhair fern hangs from the sliprock; water drips, drips, drips, until I catch it in my mouth. Drink deeply, the desert sighs.”

To being broken open – and I receive you and drink deeply. To a passionate 2008.


2 Responses to “Desert Quartet”

  1. pink coloured glasses Says:

    Superb New Years Resolution
    Great to hear a positive affirmation rather than a negative one (as most tend to be of the ilk, stop X, cut down on Y, reduce Z).
    Happy New Year
    from Cal

  2. Thank you — no I am not in deprivation…I am already going to hell best to have fun all the way.
    (everything or nearly so said tongue in cheek, unless tongue otherwise occupied). See I’m sick and damned.

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