Blog Awards – ahhh schucks.

Ahhh schucks – the nomination is too flattering, she blushes.

The reasons I am here are shared in my post entitled
“Why I Write” and not for awards.

But if something I have written touches our common humanity, which is our community, of course I am moved. It’s really about what we’ve done together. Each comment someone leaves feels like an award.

All of that said if you’d like to vote or nominate this blog (you’re visiting Mid-Life Clarity) -hey if you are as clear as I am, you often forget where you are, or like the cat fly into the room and seem startled that you are there. “Why did I come in here anyway, what am I doing here” but these aren’t the existential questions of your youth any more – you’re just middle aged and lost. Don’t worry it is hormonal and your mind will return clear, crisp, on, smoking. I digress, I always digress that theme has followed me throughout my life.

So where in the hell was I? Oh yes, if you’d like to nominate this blog, or any other favorite lesbian blog out there just go to


And leave a comment.


P.S. I love that you have visited regardless, if you vote for me I might love you just a wee bit more. If you vote for me enough that I win, I will post naked pictures of myself. (oh trust me that is not cheating, well it is, I’m cheating you) But as I like to say “she is funny regardless…” remember that always.


2 Responses to “Blog Awards – ahhh schucks.”

  1. Hahn at Home Says:

    Did I fall into Mid Life Clarity? I thought I might have. I wish you all good luck on your TLL Lesbian Blog of the Year award seeking!

    I think Pink’s hot too.

    She kind of scares me though.

  2. Hello Lori – I think you did fall into Mid-life Clarity and you can let this mid-life crisis stalk PInk, since she scares you.

    I’m expecting to be the “biggest loser” but the nomination is flattering nonetheless.


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