Small Town Gay Bar

I watched Small Town Gay Bar the other evening – an award winning documentary by director Malcom Ingram. The movie is set in rural Mississippi and frankly living as a gay person in the deep south is terrifying to me, one wants to shout “move”, “hurry”, “now” and I would imagine people do.

Small Town Gay Bar reveals the strength of the human spirit and is a testament to how people will survive and find community regardless of their circumstances. People will come together (on many levels – ha unintentional funny, I’ll leave in. Oops there’s another) and perhaps even thrive despite attempted oppression.

It is entertaining and moving – the film will carry you through moments of intense anger, fear, sadness and then send you reeling with laughter.

A great story about social oppression, survival and anyone who has experienced “a little help from their friends” will relate to Small Town Gay Bar. Or was it relate in a small town gay bar? – oh dog stop me now…


2 Responses to “Small Town Gay Bar”

  1. Hahn at Home Says:

    I saw it a couple weeks ago. I wonder how that bar the lesbian opened is doing today? I know growing up in a conservative Midwest town, the gay bar was a secret and always in a rough part of town – to stay under the radar, most likely. But, as long as their are queers, we’ll always find a place to gather. Out here, the bar is not a place for social connection in the same way.

  2. I wonder as well – to remain where you have so much of a struggle to live openly (and frankly safely).

    I was intrigued watching the comments and bonus features that they originally shot in a bar in Traverse City Michigan. I’d love to see that footage — I’ll bet that bar has it’s own sort of cherry festival. (Traverse City is known for it’s cherries) – I am known for having a mind in the gutter.


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