Careful you might get sucked off…

I think if our mass transit system would adopt a similar policy — many more citizens of the United States would live green by using public transportation. Instead we are simply green with envy at European innovation. Sigh.

I have been down (with a migraine) …and I am OUT. And I will be back soon – with witty remarks or mind numbing confessionals. Thanks for all the great comments I’ll reply soon (even to the dog behavior question).

MLC (a.k.a. Janet)


One Response to “Careful you might get sucked off…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Of course, when I first saw this photo, my thought was “Where is Penrith?” My second thought: “Well, I am a librarian, after all. I can just look in my handy gazeteer and find out.” So I did! I love England (which is where Penrith is located).

    When I visited London a few years ago, I was so taken with their underground transport system. I loved the recorded voice that says “mind the gap.” I even bought a T shirt with the “tube” logo and Mind the Gap on it. When I get bored, I wear it to my tiny (500 people) hometown and let the folks there wonder what it means. Great fun! You don’t have to get sucked off to have a good time!


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