Offerings 1.30.08

We must make good use of this life for the time that we have left, this brief flash of light, like the sun appearing through the clouds.
– Kalu Rinpoche

I could not get a shot of the sun appearing through the clouds – it would be possible to get a photo of the wind which is fierce, the weather is very dramatic and the winds roared all night and continue today. We’ve gone from 45 degrees yesterday to less then 15 this morning. Walking clients dogs is not going to be fun today.

This morning I’m moving slowly, am about to make some breakfast and head to the studio. I’ve begun to work in clay with my artist friend (see her work here) and a gallery owner in the area. It’s been so fantastic and has become the highlight of my week. Soon I may even have some pieces to take some photographs of – right now the work is somewhere between the pinched ash trays we used to make for our fathers in art class and a masterpiece.

I feel myself revisting, embracing and moving forward in so many authentic aspects of who I am and one of these areas is working as an artist – I have felt like an artist all my life but recently one not producing any art. So it’s nice to pick these pieces of myself back up again.

Somewhere along the path of choices that we make practicality won out over passion, now I am pursuing my passions.

We don’t experience anything remotely resembling a “mid life crisis” — it’s clarity when we wake up and pay attention. This is a great moment in our lives, it’s the birth, finally of our authentic selves.



3 Responses to “Offerings 1.30.08”

  1. Old Crone Says:

    I love the way you worded that, “the birth of our authentic selves.” I envy you working with pottery, I hope to get back to that sometime soon.

  2. I do think middle age marks not the beginning of the end but an opportunity for rebirth, we can finally reach a place when we are wise…with plenty of time to enjoy our authentic selves.

    I believe that most of the time – repeat that mantra to myself. We are what we tell ourselves and just in case I take 101 vitamin supplements…until my pee at least has an eternal glow.

  3. Hahn at Home Says:

    If you have a chance, drop by Painter’s Kitchen on my blogroll. Karina I think you will adore.

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