Offerings 2.01.08

“In honouring our own unique destiny, we allow our most personal life to become an expression of the Buddha in a new form.” – Jack Kornfield

We are enjoying a great deal of snow. I came home from my classes last night and the house was freezing cold, the furnace was blowing cold air. After some manipulation I managed to get it running again, eventually got into bed. Only to wake up to a freezing house and a furnace blowing cold air. More manipulations and prayers — it seems I have it running again.

The problems all related to a dirty furnace, dirty filter but for now it blows hot air (just like it’s owner). Note to self: practice preventative care and maintenance, so you aren’t dealing with crisis management.

Yes, yes, yes — sliding over to the home depot and I’ll get right on that. New filter and I wonder if I can pick up a few new parts for myself…I’ll take a new set of breasts in aisle ten, grab a new hip joint in aisle six and while I am at it can someone direct me to some cheek bones.

Geeezzzz —-ussssss listen to me, what a bad, bad never be Buddhist. I embrace my unique destiny and gradual demise. After all nothing is permanent.


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