Offerings 2.3.07

“The first thing upon which we should meditate is our precious and fleeting human life, hard to obtain, and easy to destroy; I will now give it meaning.” – Kalu Rinpoche

I have been even more self indulgent the last few days and it has been very pleasant, reading books, watching movies, reading blogs, sipping tea, all under a blanket covered with dogs on the sofa. The cat keeps my shoulders warm and occasionally swats at the strings on my sweatshirt – startlingly me into a higher state of alert. I sip some more tea and watch the snow fall. My tiny house is surrounded by enormous trees a sycamore in my back yard probably being over 175 years old. I have stared up and through the branches of these trees for over a decade wondering what kinds of things they have watched over and given shelter to. Their lives so firmly rooted here.

My mind is a whirl of thoughts about the roles we play (or try not to play, I am inclined to despise roles and labels) but those roles of parent, child, man, woman, straight, queer. Perhaps by the end of the day I’ll be able to put them into some sort of coherent form but for now – it’s simply more coffee and a trip to the gym that I have on my mind. My friend has her gallery opening today and I’ve three classes to teach later on this afternoon.

I am teaching some new classes through a community program. The classes take place at a local high school, yesterday I noticed with some amusement that I have been teaching the class with the school’s Gay Straight Student Alliance mural directly behind me. We have come so far, my high school was very progressive but there were no G.S.A. groups 25 years ago. I cannot help but wonder what if I had…

Oh lord-ie…Laurie Anderson slaps me right back into the present moment.

Cheers for now — find something, no find everything in your life profound today because it is-

Janet (a.k.a. MLC)


One Response to “Offerings 2.3.07”

  1. Beautiful.

    I’ve been turning over roles and labels myself, lately. Shaking loose their meaning- or lack of meaning. They’re just words. Words that might feel snug and cozy on one day and impossibly ill-fitting the next. I think about all this, too, south of you in the cold windy desert. Today it is snowing.

    I envy your tree view.

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