Hump Day.

Hmmm Jenny – so gorgeous. Keep her company for me today.

This morning G.I.Jane (how the girls refer to me) is headed to the Y.M.C.A. – we are supposed to climb the rock wall. I’ll let you all know if this 45 year old can reach the top, I do have some experience with slippery slopes but not one on this scale. I have the camera for photographic evidence of any potential success. We were told we’d be racing and thus the derogatory comments (oops- nickname) “oh great I’ll be racing G.I.Jane”.

And what about super Tuesday — we may not be much closer to a definitive democratic candidate but I am excited about how many democrats are going out to vote period. Maybe we have learned our lesson and we won’t need to start packing to go to Canada yet (it’s just too damn cold up there).

Frankly I am hoping for a name change in 2008 — I hope we’ll need to refer to the White House as “her house”. It’s time for change, it is time for change — it’s time for some female energy and intelligence anything less is what is fuc@#$! scary.



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