Offerings 2.07.08

Many people have their first spiritual experience in childhood, that of an innate and natural connection with what is sacred and holy. The playfulness, joy and curiosity of our childhood can become a foundation for the delighted rediscovery of this spirit in our practice. If our relationship with our parents is respectful and loving, that too becomes a model and foundation for respect and trust in all other relationships.
-Jack Kornfield


One Response to “Offerings 2.07.08”

  1. So much seems to depend on the parents. In my case, I had a loving, attentive father who died when I was 6 and a verbally abusive mother who disowned me when I was 24 and died when I was 35. It finally occurred to me when I was in my mid forties that I was spending WAY too much time trying to please WAY too many women.

    It all goes back to childhood.

    And now I have an 8 year old of my own…..

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