This mornings thoughts…

I am reading Eckhart Tolle’s new book “A New Earth” along with so many others, this morning I participated on the message board at The discussion is about chapter one in the book.

I left this on the message board (and repeat it here). My thoughts are going something like this…

“You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you, and allowing goodness to emerge”. -Eckhart Tolle

The message of the book being so clear and yet elusive – that we are already enough, we are enough by being. To realize we are not our personalities, or emotions, or egos – we just are. I think it has taken me nearly a half century to understand the message in this book. It dovetails with other things I am reading on Buddhism and spirituality.

My aha moment came through reading and the realization that happiness, or love, or success, or fulfillment are not things that “happen to us” they are things that we are.

It’s so simple – it slips through our fingers as we grasp for the meaning in our lives. And it was always there, inside us, while we were busy gazing out to the horizons.



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