Beautiful Dawn

…Wailin’ Jennys. I am in love yet again.


5 Responses to “Beautiful Dawn”

  1. Ok,

    You win, I just downloaded “firecracker” off of iTunes.

  2. Ah…so lovely and lilting and just…achey.

  3. They are crazy talented. I have been listening to their album “Firecracker” – ever since I downloaded it.

    If you like them — you’ll probably also like some other favorites of mine. Po’Girl, The Be Good Tanyas and a far less well known trio Sometymes Why.

    All crazy talented musicians, lovely harmonizing and vocals.

  4. Wow – I’ve listened to that song about a hundred times since I downloaded – and now the one above. Any other faves by them?

  5. I love, love, lurve them. I think between the two albums I have …I have Firecracker and 40 days, I prefer 40 days.

    There really is not a bad cut on either album. They do a great version of Old Man by Neil Young on 40 days.

    Perhaps I will have to post on my favorite musicians — I’d like to lighten up the tone anyway.

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