Here I Am

Emmy Lou Harris “Here I Am” from her album Stumble Into Grace.

Pour yourself a big glass of wine, grab some kleenex …prepare to be moved.
Again she repeats it’s “poetry put to music”.

I am standing by the river
I will be standing here forever
Tho you’re on the other side
My face you still can see
Why won’t you look at me
Here l am

I am searching thru the canyon
It is your name that I am calling
Tho you’re so far away
I know you hear my plea
Why won’t you answer me
Here I am

I am in the blood of your heart
The breath of your lung
Why do you run for cover
You are from the dirt of the earth
And the kiss of my mouth
I have always been your lover
Here I am

I am the promise never broken
And my arms are ever open
In this harbor calm and still
I will wait until
Until you come to me
Here I am


2 Responses to “Here I Am”

  1. I LOVE Emmylou! Thank you so much for posting this one — it’s one of my favorites. Feeling a little down with the Wisconsin election results, and there’s nothing so soothing as the sound of her voice!

  2. She’s lovely – a real talent.

    Music sustains me, that and literature.


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