After Careful Analysis and Study…

I have decided “Arlington” from the Wailin’ Jennys album “40 Days” – is my favorite cut, it absolutely kills me everytime. I always like a happy and shallow tune, huge inflection of sarcasm. I apologize for the sound quality of this video (it does not do the song justice) just go buy the cd. You’ll thank me.

Where do you go little bird
When it snows, when it snows
When the world turns to sleep
Do you know, do you know
Is there something in the wind
Breathes a chill in your heart and life in your wings
Does it whisper ‘start again’
Start again

Where is the sun in the night
Is it cold, is it cold
Does it feel left behind
All alone, all alone
Does it wander through the dark
Does it wait for the dawn, wish on a star
Does it stray very far
Very far

Where is your home restless wind
Is it there, is it here
Do you search for a place to belong
Search in vain, search in fear
Or is your spirit everywhere
Is your voice every tree
Your soul of the air
If there’s no home is there no death
Is there no death


2 Responses to “After Careful Analysis and Study…”

  1. Well, now I’m stuck too….

  2. Ah Maria — it’s a good place to be stuck though. Listening to them is like having angels singing to you.


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