Offerings 2.20.08

“To think of the immense potential hidden deep within our being, to understand that the nature of the mind is fundamental purity and kindness, and to meditate on its luminosity, will enable you to develop self – confidence and courage.”
-The 14th Dalai Lama

If You Ain’t Got Love – yes, yes the Jennys (leave me alone, I’m stuck)

To the studio today — my heart, dreams, love came out of the kiln. I am eager and anxious to see the results but of course the clay, it’s newness. Well it’s a metaphor for life, in that what I can imagine, and what I am able to create right now, are miles, miles, oh so far apart.

Plan to start a new series “archeology” inspired by some work I saw by John Galsworthy -and I’d like to do some raku firing on the pieces.

All I want to spend my life doing is making art, making love, reading and writing. Hmmm – I guess that is how I spend my time. Well I could use a bit more of (oh never mind).

girl about to plunge both hands, her spirit into the dirt, dive into her dreams and bring them into the light…or just make a muck of it all and start again.


One Response to “Offerings 2.20.08”

  1. Lesbianlife Says:

    Wanted to let you know if you don’t already…the Jenny’s are on Prarie Home Companion (sat at 6 and Sunday at noon). Happy listening!

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