A Love Song For M & B (& all grown ups)…

I am posting this for my blog friend — and because I am the ever hopeful romantic and having said that, this is a love song for grown ups.

This song expresses so beautifully that love isn’t something we will ever “fall for or into” …love is a verb. We choose to love.

Almost, by Cheryl Wheeler

I’m almost everything you have ever wanted
I’m almost your best dream come true
We fit so perfectly
Oh, I almost can’t believe
How I’m almost all I need to be

There’s something now in your smile
Just this side of distant
And something else just that side of true
This road’s so old and worn from
The countless nights I’ve sworn
Oh I could be all you’d need me to

I don’t know where to go
To find our missing pieces
I sit and stare and wonder where to start
But then I look at you
And I know it can’t be true
That something’s here pulling us apart

Some days I wonder how we’ll walk this line
Some days I think I feel your heart in mine
Well underneath the surface
Love isn’t ever perfect – heaven knows
So we’ll just close that door

Music and Lyrics by Cheryl Wheeler


2 Responses to “A Love Song For M & B (& all grown ups)…”

  1. Love It! You keep posting songs, and I keep downloading music from itunes….

  2. Cheryl Wheeler is very talented a great singer/songwriter. Very popular in the New England area.

    She’s funny too and family.

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