Light and Shadows

As an artist one realizes every object has a side in the light and another in the darkness – you learn to see both. How one is necessary for the other – still when one reads, hears, learns of someone like the representative in Oklahoma…it is hard not to find oneself sitting in the darkness as one’s own heart fills with hatred.

There is more I’d like to say about this but all of my thoughts are not formed and perhaps never will be formed. I want to ask why must we have something to hate? Someone? I choose to believe we can evolve to beings that don’t need to hate until that time (or at least in this moment) I am going to head to the studio and make some art.

Here is the work of a couple of queer artists I really, really groove on…these pieces speak to how to address anger, the shadows and our need to constantly find the light. Two poets one younger, one older — enjoy.

Andrea Gibson performing her poem “Dive”…

“The Fist” by Mary Oliver

There are days
when the sun goes down
like a fist,
though of course

if you see anything
in the heavens
in this way
you had better get

your eyes checked
or, better still,
your diminished spirit.
The heavens

have no fist,
or wouldn’t they have been
shaking it
for a thousand years now,

and even
longer than that,
at the dull, brutish
ways of mankind-

heaven’s own
Instead: such patience!
Such willingness

to let us continue!
To hear,
little by little,
the voices-

only, so far, in
pockets of the world-
the possibilities

of peace?
Keep looking.
Behold, how the fist opens
with invitation.


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