You know nothing increases your blog traffic like a few catchy titles for posts – hot, HOT PEEP SHOW for example is sure to tickle a few google searches. And really let’s face it – that is what upsets the holier then thou – I mean, they are in their offices googling “sexy chicks in hot tubs”, “peep show” – “girls, girls, girls”.

When WHAM – they end up here. Cursing me and my gay agenda, opening their eyes to new things, offering them a peep, – giving them a terrifying look into my queer world, my queer mind.

xoxoxoxo- I LOVE YOU TOO —


2 Responses to “Hot, HOT PEEP SHOW!”

  1. That, my friend, is to funny!

    2nd word verification try.

    3rd word verifcation try.

  2. Sexy Things Says:

    I love it! Very funny!

    PS.I have no problem with the word verification, usually get it right on my first try.

    Thanks for the laugh!

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