Living Green Promotes Homosexuality.

According to Tony Perkins the environmental movement promotes abortion and homosexuality.

Pro-environment Evangelical Seminary Student Jonathan Merrit is rebuked by Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, who says the Environmentalist movement promotes abortion and homosexuality.

He also unwittingly acknowledges that global warming is REAL but they don’t want to stop it because it only delays “the Second Coming”. Perkins says you should prepare to be Raptured, not “throw away the keys to your SUV and jump on the Al Gore bandwagon.”

A little more Republican idiocy from Family Guy thrown in for fun.

Well like Kermit says “it’s not easy being green…”


3 Responses to “Living Green Promotes Homosexuality.”

  1. ooo I had forgotten about Kermits quote. Very good usage.

  2. Tony Perkins is a freaking idiot.

    Rock on with your bad baptist self, Mr. Merrit.

  3. He’s whack. I want to write a post “gay the new black, or Asian, or…” fill in the blank.

    Humans are slowly evolving but it still seems fine to exclude gays of human rights and blame them for societies ills.

    When many of our ills are being created by those misentrepreting religion and writing their own “words of god”.

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