I sat down to explain to my clients what a dangerous dog they had – at about that time he walked over to me. I did not feel safe on the same level as this dog — glanced at him and thought “ah fuc@#!! Houston,we have a problem — eyes do not look good”. I raised my hand to protect my face.

Just then the 100 + lb. rott/pit mix snarled grabbed my right hand crunching and munching – growling. Chomp, chomp, chomp. One seldom sees a dog bite – it’s over and done with before you realize it happened.

It’s so damn disconcerting when you watch it happen. Told myself “do not pull your hand away or it will tear flesh”. The owner came over and was pulling him off and my hand it still in his mouth.

“Please put him away I don’t want to be bitten again”.

Some blood, mostly bruising — sore, startled. May need a break from typing or maybe I just needed some sympathy.

That’s my glamorous day job…why did I leave those other careers again? I think I am going to go take a nap now.


3 Responses to “Ouch.”

  1. Wow…are you OK? That is horrible! Did the owners of the dog do anything for you? I know you train dogs, but still that is frightening.

  2. She finally pulled her dog off of me. The situations are often very complex in these cases, much of it reminds me of domestic abuse but this time in the form of a dog. Most scary to me was she leaves her 10 year old daughter alone with this dog.

    I’ve never had a dog attack/bite like that before, I am seldom if ever bitten and not like that. Totally unprovoked and nothing I was doing was making it stop either.

  3. That is so frightening. I’ve never been attacked by a dog before either, and I’ve never run into one I was afraid of, but I know they are out there. I remember right before I moved from SF, this poor woman was killed by her neighbors dogs in an apt in SF. I couldn’t get over that, and it still bothers me. I do think most dogs are trainable, and I’m of the mindset that the bad ones are usually, not always, the result of abuse, but what scares me is how do you know when you run into one on the street? Anyway, I’m really glad you are OK, and I feel sorry for that poor womans daughter.

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