The Fire Gods Were Good To Me…

The other side of the piece…really happy with the colors on the raku firing.


3 Responses to “The Fire Gods Were Good To Me…”

  1. That is absolutely beautiful. I did a ton of pottery in college, but never could get the hang of raku. I much preferred throwing stuff on the wheel to handbuilding, but I’ve spent more than my fair share of time doing it. I hope to get back to it someday when my kids get a little bigger. Nice nice work.

    Oh..and by the way I’m loving The Wailing Jenny’s and Cheryl Wheeler.

  2. Thanks — this is my first piece to come out of the raku firing process. Clay is a new medium for me – so this was a nice start. Honora even wants to put it in her gallery.

    The Jenny’s are great, Cheryl too — go listen to Chris Pureka, she’s great and Mary Gaulthier.

  3. I’ll check them out. I’m not downloading anything this week though, until I get my new computer, the transition is going to be scary, but I think I’m almost completely backed up. You should make a list, like your “100 things about me list” that is “MLC’s Music”, I love your taste in music.

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