W.O.W. A Night Of Firsts.

I haven’t blogged about last Saturday night — which was fantastic! A night of many firsts…(get heads out of there). I was a poetry slam virgin and lord what have I been missing. The evening was SICK, I had such a fantastic time.

Not able to talk anyone into 1. Poetry 2. Detroit 3. A night out with me (nah – that could not have been it) I said fuc@#!! I am going to the slam, no more postponing my life, goals and what I want to do. It was fabulous, empowering, thought provoking. Like mainlining pure inspiration.

Can you tell I loved, loved, LOVED IT!

Held at the Filmore in Detroit – and the event was a first. It was the very first “Women Of The World” Poetry Slam Competition. Slam poetry is about the prose and the performance, spoken word as art. There were 15 women in the finals. Judges for the event are selected at randon from the audience. There were three rounds of competition where each woman had three minutes to perform her piece, the winners in each round advancing to the next.

Then the fun started at around 8:30pm. And a slam event is not like any staid poetry reading in a smoke filled hippy lounge nor a reading in an english lit. class. The poets have 3 minutes to perform their piece – the audience is shouting, clapping, stomping their feet urging the artists to “bring it” – part rock concert, part revival.

Then the judging occurs the audience, often largely composed of other slam poets is booing the judging whenever they disagree, which is often.

In any case the third round ended in a three way tie for first between Andrea Gibson, D.E.E.P., and T. Miller. Andrea Gibson was the only performer whose work I was previously familiar with (see the other blog posts this month) but I was blown away by several of the performers especially Tara Hardy who hailed from Seattle. Tara ended up in fourth place.

T.Miller’s story was particularly interesting as she was literally a “walk on” at the event – winning her rounds in that division, ended up not only in the finals but in a three way tie for first place! Ultimately she ended up third.

I rolled back into Lansing at 12:30 pm with the phone number of a poet that lives in Brooklyn New York — no she didn’t come home with me, I arrived alone and left alone despite all the interesting event details. I’ll have to recite and tell another time.

Here is a You Tube Clip of T. Miller – she is terrific already, very young with tons of potential. Here she’s performing her poem “Died For Everybodies Sins”

And the winner of the first every Women Of The World Poetry Slam was Andrea Gibson – when she performed her poem “Eli” the whole place was shouting, standing, many of the audience were crying. (I have put that poem up here before) So let me put up another of her poems “Blue Blanket” …

And as I am now a slam poet addict — of course the next night on Sunday, Andrea was in Lansing at Magdelena’s Tea House and I was delighted with her work all over again.


2 Responses to “W.O.W. A Night Of Firsts.”

  1. That sounds amazing, I’m so glad you got to go.

  2. Lesbianlife Says:

    Sounds amazing. I really enjoyed watching, glad you posted them from youtube…such a great invention.

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