Aural Wednesday and my own wailings…

It’s studio Wednesday – my favorite day of the week, where I go into the studio and play with clay all day long. Last week while walking dogs all over the place, I ran across this wonderful rusted bolt that I knew had to be incorporated into my work. Then ideas started to flow and as they did …more and more pieces of rusted metal, wire, barbed wire began to appear in front of me. There I was wrapped up on a warm spring day like the Michelen man, iPod bopping, with these two large rhodesian ridgebacks and handfuls of rusty metal and wire. Sure I was quite a site – but a trunkload of fun and the Element holds a lot of salvaged materials. I’ve cancelled all of my work during the daytime on Wednesdays, so that I can have a whole day in the studio. After all if I don’t take myself seriously no one else will and I need a day to pursue my passions.

My business is really picking up (the dog training business) it’s a long story that I may share sometime but essentially I was self employed in training, went to a Humane Society to work for 4 years (where I was eventually discriminated against for being gay) resigned and I have been back on my own trying to re-establish my career. It’s been a bit of a long haul but I am finally back on track. Have had over 75 students in my classes the last couple of terms, I teach 5-6 days a week and my private business is taking off too (can’t really keep up). In that awkward phase of the business where I can’t quite afford to hire someone but can’t keep up either.

BUT TODAY — TODAY — enough of all of that, it’s my passionate dive into the clay.

A tune for the day Patty Griffin singing “Burgundy Shoes” I apologize for the bad sound quality on the You Tube video but one does absolutely need to go get this tune from i Tunes or better still just go buy all of her work. This song is from her latest album “Children Running Through” Patty refers to this as her “one happy song” and it is written about her mother. And we all have mothers and what a complicated relationship that is — I mean if it’s not one thing, it’s your mother.


We wait for the bus that’s going to Bangor
In my plaid dress and burgundy shoes
In your red lipstick and lilac kerchief
You’re the most pretty lady in the world

The bus driver smiles, a dime and a nickel
We climb on our seats, the vinyl is cold
“Michelle ma belle”, the song that you loved then
You hold my hand and sing to yourself
Sun sun
Sun sun
Sun sun sun sun

Sun sun sun sun
Sun sun sun sun

The leaves are green and new like a baby
Tulips are red, now I don’t miss the snow
It’s the first day I don’t wear my big boots
You hold my hand, I’ve got burgundy shoes
Burgundy shoes, burgundy shoes


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