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Girls Rock! The Movie.

Posted in Documentaries on March 29, 2008 by boychick1

My friend Casey just alerted me to this documentary entitled “Girls Rock” – it looks fantastic and Michigan is waiting until August? For a showing in Flint…well hell that just is not right. So I joined the “Street Team” and we’ll see if Lansing, that cultural hotbed of the mid-west can’t screen it a little sooner. If you’re lucky
Girls Rock may have opened in your area already. It’s a must see. The trailer had me laughing, crying and wanting to stand up and shout or just move to Portland and work/ volunteer there. See for yourself…

I LOVE the young woman’s quote at the end “everyone is beautiful, especially when they decide to be powerful, especially when they decide to rock”.

You all ROCK — thanks for visiting my blog, go inspire someone & rock their world!



Melissa Ferrick lead me to Edie Carey

Posted in Melissa Ferrick, Music on March 29, 2008 by boychick1

Listening to Melissa Ferrick and she lead me to Edie Carey. Lord, lord, lord poverty awaits me at iTunes while richness is guaranteed streaming into my head through the iPod.

She honks! See for yourself…and if you have any of her music send it my way, my pretty, pretty pleases.