Melissa Ferrick Saturday! & John’s Field

For a week or so I have spent time downloading all music Melissa Ferrick that I did not previously own. In the car, in the house, streaming out of the Macbook Pro – in the iPod it’s Ferrick, Ferrick, Ferrick.

Like all addicts I am in the obsessive/compulsive phase of our relationship. Listening to her streaming into my head through the iPod is like mainlining pure inspiration. And I so admire her courage, her authenticity as an artist – how she improvises, re-mixes and revises her own work and has the courage to put it out there and let us all watch the process.

Looking crazy forward to her concert this weekend in Michigan – yes I will be there, of course I will. She has some great new songs I am looking forward to hearing in person
this one “John’s Field” being one of my favorites, as it’s not released yet I am required to go to her my space page (over and over again) to hear it…

Melissa Ferrick – John’s Field

Believing in the power of the universe — will someone please let her know we are supposed to have dinner together when she is in Michigan? Or maybe when she clips her toenails she could just mail me the bits…does anyone think she’d find that creepy?

Music, music, music…why do I have to work? I thank dogs (word choice very intentional) for my own self employment, so grateful it allows me to spend so much time listening to music.

Go give John’s Field a listen…or several. Go to Melissa’s website, the store (pay as much as you possibly can) and order “Six for Six” — it will help her raise the dollars to produce her next album.

I HAVE TO BE ABLE to stream John’s Field into my head – withdrawal is so ugly.


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