More Ferrick, 70 People At 7,000 Feet

In less then 24 hours I will be sitting at a Melissa Ferrick concert (and I am a Ferrick concert virgin, at 45, how very embarrassing) – so in preparation I have been buying and listening to all things Melissa Ferrick. I had a nice collection of her music and now I think I have nearly all of it. The only reason I don’t have all of it, is that I try to behave myself (and once in awhile buy groceries before music or books).

That said – I have been greedily consuming Ferrick and listening to my favorite albums (those being the live albums) and I have to say if I was forced, under great duress to have only one of Melissa’s albums. Well it would be 70 People At 7,000 Feet – the album was released in November 2003 and is a live recording of a concert she played with drummer Brian Winton in Flagstaff, Arizona.

This might be the one album I would take with me to a deserted island period – (were I forced to do something that hideous) because to choose between Lucinda Williams World Without Tears, Natalie Merchant The Carpenters House Daughter, or Melissa Ferrick 70 People At 7,000 Feet is a choice I cannot imagine being able to make. Unsuffer Me (and how can I travel to an island without a recording of that)?

How I struggle – the trials and tribulations of my banal existence.

Back to 70 People At 7,000 feet. Well I had this to say about it at…

If I could buy just one Melissa Ferrick album (the thought terrifies me as I need them ALL) this would be the one. Ferocious guitar playing, terrific vocals. It’s so hard to believe three instruments are producing all of this fabulous sound – those being Melissa’s guitar, Brian’s drums and the most important instrument of all her voice. Buy this CD – you will not be disappointed. She shreads – just over the top on so many cuts, her marvelous, on the spot improvisation. Few artists, many with grammy’s all over their mantle are able to go up to a microphone with a guitar and perform like Ferrick can. She rocks!

Then like Ferrick on an acoustic guitar I went on a rift to iTunes and left the same review…then I went to Goldenrod Music and I did the same damn thing. She’s independent more happens when we make noise.

That noise is great at a concert while she’s singing Drive and can get loud and raucous on the internet. Call your local radio stations and request Ferrick – be heard, so she’ll get heard more! I googled “Melissa Ferrick + Music Reviews” and I was saddened at the dearth of things I could find.

The woman has pipes, is an amazing guitar player and songwriter. Like a Miles Davis of Rock and Roll, a true artist – she improvises, improves, remixes in the studio and on the spot at her live performances. That is an artist and musician.

So having now listened to 70 People At 7,000 feet all day long…in the car, walking clients dogs, in the gym, in the sauna, back to client’s, sitting here finally at home. YES MORE – 70 People at 7,000 Feet.

Go buy it – if you have it – buy it again it’s that damn good! Buy it from
CD Baby and the artists make more money…buy it from Goldenrod Music you’ll be supporting a wonderful group of women who hail right here from my backyard in Lansing, Michigan. Trust me, we need the economic boost.

Buy it if for no other reason then there is an eleven…count ’em ELEVEN minute version of Drive, that’s sick it’s so good and full of on the spot improvisation and remarkable guitar rifts.

Hey…11 minutes gives you more time you know.

Have fun shopping.

Peace, love, read, buy music (burn your tv)…

(did I mention that i really like this cd? I mean I’d have her children and I have never wanted to have anyone’s children.)


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