Hatred Hits Home…

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Hate has hit home — the graffiti was written up and down the alley in Old Town, a section of Lansing Michigan. Old Town has undergone a great deal of renovation and resurgence with interesting businesses, galleries and stores.

The perpetrators were captured while at their handiwork. Full story here.

I’ll be joining Michigan Equality on the clean up efforts.

What year is it again? Tough economic times are so scary – while I know poor economic times do not create homophobia. Tough times often mean finding someone else to blame for your problems or to hate. It’s very sad.

When will we practice compassion, understanding and acceptance?


2 Responses to “Hatred Hits Home…”

  1. 😦

    I’m so sorry.


  2. Well Michigan Equality is holding a clean up day in a few weeks, the individuals were caught.

    All the merchants & businesses in the area have added rainbow stickers to the doors and windows of their businesses.

    So something inspired by hate has instead rallied a lot of love, allegiance and a community that is declaring themselves inclusive and intolerant of hate.

    Cool…out of the ashes something very beautiful emerges.

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