Coffee, Music, Taxes and Our Good Bodies.

In my twenties, working as a creative director I’d start work at one o’ clock – working until 9pm. Get home or go right out from work. We’d hit the clubs (my musician, artist, designer friends) staying out nearly all night. All of us so queer, confused, fucked up and passing out in various beds. Up at noon – coffee and cigarettes – repeat, repeat, repeat.

Eventually friends move, I bought a house and grew more respectable. At least I got up earlier – still to several strong cups of coffee, turning on the music and ahhh that first cigarette of the day. Sucking it into my lungs was one of life’s best moments.

Of course it was killing me but at the time – ahh the pleasure.

Now at 45 she still wakes up fairly early 6-7 ish, still has that strong cup of Starbucks (now it’s decaf), the music goes on, the laptop is turned on…no cigarettes. It’s been three years or more since I have touched one and the notion just doesn’t cross my mind. When it does it’s very rare and surprises me. I was dating a smoker a bit ago and it worried me I’d start again. Instead I quit them both, or they me? Doesn’t matter.

But here I am – up with a great cup of coffee and Katie Sawicki. I could resist no longer had to download all of her albums …I had a single free download from iTunes so I downloaded her song “Tuesday” well every time I heard it, I had the greedy, compulsive need to have MORE. One addiction transferring to another. Well this one is healthy for everything but my credit card.

Art moves me. And I need to move today – as I have not done one thing, not a lick, to have my taxes done. What day is it? Never mind…I don’t clean a house, I am not organized, I have not done a thing. It’s a big box of crap and misc. receipts, Turbo Tax and hoping I have the cash to pay. Might be filing for an extension. “Your reason my dear”?! “Oh me – I am a disorganized genius fuck up and have a problem with authority, so I passively ignore government, rules, don’t call my mother as often as I should etc.”.

Frankly I would like to send in the following…(instead of a tax return)

“Dear Sir/Madame-

It seems my government wishes to treat me as a second class citizen who is not affored the same legal rights in employment situations, who cannot marry in 49 states, who can be murdered for being queer and yet my murderer is not responsible for a hate crime.

As my status as a queer American = fewer rights than the rest of the population. I will refrain from paying my taxes until such time that you are able to figure out a fair and reasonable discount for my situation.

You see I don’t feel it’s fair to pay the same thing for less.


…I swear if I was not responsible for all of these little lives residing here with me, I’d send it and encourage all of us to do the same. Maybe that would garner a little attention?

I got so far off the track with this rift (and it was fun) so I will toss up another post on good bodies. It’s coming, it’s coming.

Thanks for visiting —


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