Referrals and Search Engines

Hmmm or hhhummmffff! (is that a word – it is now)

Interesting word/google searches that brought people to this blog…

1. Mid-life Infatuations

2. Late Bloomer + lonely

3. Psychology Lonely

4. Grey Shade Relationship

It’s sort of strange and sort of depressing at the same time.

I’d rather have people land here after “googling”…

1. Red hot queer girl.

2. Fascinating, funny — stalk her today.

3. Melissa Ferrick’s girlfriend.

4. I can’t get her off of my mind.

Sigh. Better luck next time in the meantime let me fuel the search engine some more…

red hot queer girl, the girl you want to meet, try and get a date with her if you can, dating Melissa Ferrick, she is Jackie Warner’s trainer, consultant to the L Word but certainly NOT a script writer for them, where Ellen gets all of her material, secretly meeting Portia for coffee this week…

THERE now dammit let’s get some interesting hits rather then middle aged, lonely and grey ’cause that just ain’t right.


5 Responses to “Referrals and Search Engines”

  1. Grumpy Granny Says:

    How do you find this out? Do you google yourself, or do people tell you?

    Just curious,


  2. Along my sidebar you’ll see a little icon for “sitemeter” — sitemeter has a free service where they keep track of your traffic, who is reading (what states they are from) you can also learn how they were “referred” to your sight.


  3. GG asked the question I was going to. I’m going to have to check that out.

    Oh, and no basic black iPods, but I suppose I could get a can of black spray paint for such occasions???

  4. Lesbianlife Says:

    Oh that is tooooooo funny!

  5. Oh it’s all funny until someone gets hurt…

    Then frankly depending on our perspective it may still be funny.

    thanks for visiting and commenting-

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