Vessel for your despair…

Another view, this piece has a shiny glaze (the first time I have used this glaze).

Vessel for your despair…completely useless much like despair is.



4 Responses to “Vessel for your despair…”

  1. margaret Says:

    Hope you are not feeling that way right now. Again, I like raku.
    I was curious if you would be interested in showing me how to create a new banner or make me one in which case I could pay you. I am sick of my banner and desperately want a new one. If you can or want to help, my e-mail is

  2. No I am not in a state of despair – quite the contrary.

    Do you know how to change your banner on blogger? I am no expert and simply found a photo I liked and kept playing around with the size until I got it right. (or right enough anyway)


  3. margaret Says:

    I did before I put my current banner up and now I can’t remember how I did it before. Are you using the new template system in blogger or can you edit your own html?

  4. I used blogger’s templates – and messed around in the profiles or settings area. I can’t remember how I did it now. Do remember I had to tweak the photo size many times before it “fit” in a manner I could live with.

    Edit my own html? Oh dear lord no…


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