95 lbs…

I put on my favorite workout cd today…Ferrick 70 People at 7,000 feet. If Melissa can sing and play that long, I can exercise that long.

Bench press…loaded on 95 lbs…lift 10 times. Then do it again.

Why one asks – so I can look like Gabrielle or was it look for Gabrielle?

Or was it so I can eat an entire batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies?

Doesn’t matter…never thought I could do that in my life and of course now I want to go for 100 – at least before I am 60 and middle aged.



3 Responses to “95 lbs…”

  1. Grumpy Granny Says:

    You rock!


  2. Or I am going to turn into a rock, or I have rocks in my head…or …

    Oh never mind.

    Thank you!

  3. AskALesbian Says:

    I love the joyful enthusiasm of your pursuit.

    We have the most delightful newbie at the gym whose enthusiasm is an absolute pleasure to watch. At approx 45 yrs of age, this is his first experience with any type of structured exercise and after 6 months he has just added a little jogging to his weight lifting program. As a former distance runner, sidelined forever after multiple hip surgeries, I take great pleasure in his new discoveries, even giving him one of my favorite little books of runner’s quotes.

    This is what keeps it fresh, at least for me.

    “Each day a new beginning.” (A title that I love from a little women’s AA book.)

    Thank you for your kind words about our little baby!

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