Melissa Ferrick, Johnny Cash – obsessions and fatigue.

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed this morning with everything I need to do, work – the pull of things I’d rather be doing. Having a hard time settling into the present moment and accepting what needs to happen today. It’s beautiful outside if cool. I am listening to Melissa Ferrick’s “+1” – love, love, love it. Obsessive soul that I am it was determined late last night that I had to bite the bullet and have every note she has recorded…so I have filled that compulsion. And I am listening, listening over
and over, and over again. Another habit of mine when I find something I really like.

For fucks sake I am tired of using “I” …I, I, I, I seesh one day let me weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for a change.

Alright why am I hooked on Melissa Ferrick — it’s the beautiful contrast between these strong sounds (her voice, the guitar skills) and this delicious vulnerability in the lyrics and how she expresses them with her phrasing. I decided it is like that moment in music where Johnny Cash sings Hurt, the song by the Nine Inch Nails. Only when I listen to Ferrick I get to have that moment over and over again.

If you don’t know what I am talking about re: Johnny Cash & Hurt, here it is. One really does need to have ALL of his late recordings on the American label.

Good art, music just break us wide, wide, wide, wide open.



4 Responses to “Melissa Ferrick, Johnny Cash – obsessions and fatigue.”

  1. From one obsessive music person to another, get busy downloading!

    It’s seriously way too easy to spend a bundle on itunes…click…it’s your’s. Ieeee….I know from which I speak.

  2. Girl on a road Says:

    So here’s the thing…I don’t even know how I found your blog. But here I am.
    We have some things in common, it seems:
    1. we love melissa ferrick and music in general
    2. michigan (i grew up there, live near chicago now)
    3. we trend towards obsessiveness

    and at least a dozen other things that randomly crossed my mind as i clicked through your blog….

    so i felt compelled to at least drop a line and let you know i was here….

    i just started to blog yesterday.


  3. Girl on a road Says:

    ok – add one more thing to the list: dogs (well, and cats, and birds, and fish and a hairless rat who shall not be named….we’ve got a zoo here!).
    i adopted a german shepherd in october 2006 who, it turns out, has some significant health issues (mega esophagus). we’ve done puppy, beginner, and intermediate obedience…and are now way into agility.

  4. Hello Girl On The Road — thanks for visiting. I’ll be sure to visit your blog, have been so busy lately I can hardly get back here to write or respond to comments.

    Welcome and visit again!

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