oops you’ve been googled…

Ok I confess – I “google” people, I google people fairly often. A woman I meet, a woman in classes …they are intriguing and they get googled. It’s step one of preparing to stalk someone “learn all that you can” — and you know sometimes a person’s sexual orientation is not obvious, especially in the lands I travel where everyone looks like a lesbian.

So I am having a conversation with one of these women, who also happens to be a student in one of my classes (now before anyone freaks out at a teacher/student crush. I am a dog trainer…tis adult to adult here. Well I am pretty immature but she’s as old as I am).

So we are conversing and I, and I – let out a google. I made a google.

Just how you ask does one make a “google” – well in the course of our conversation I asked her about something I learned through googling her. It was an innocent enough tidbit of information.

Nonetheless I flushed, she paused (’cause she realized she had been ‘googled’) and we went on chatting.

oops. Used to be inappropriate or uninvited “ooogling” was what got us into trouble now in our world of new technologies it’s “googling” that got this girl into a awkward moment of the unpleasant kind.

I think she may have just looked like a lesbian as she didn’t come to her last class – or maybe I am just paranoid.

And so it goes – nothing ventured, nothing gained (or googled as the case may be).

Happened to you yet? – wanna share your tales.



5 Responses to “oops you’ve been googled…”

  1. The e-mail address is…


    I just tested it and it works – so you can e-mail me or post your question here and I will answer it if I can.


  2. Ok….the google thing has me in giggles, since I’ve done the same thing…yikes.

  3. Yeah. It was funny and I don’t think she freaked out about it, innocent enough.

    I am sure we all do it – and we google ourselves too. I do.

    I google myself all the time but it’s hard to find a good woman to google.

    -ever sickly yours


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds pretty creepy to me. Might I remind you that stalking is illegal and violating to the person being stalked?

  5. I am sorry – stalking being a poor choice of words. I was and am kidding (trying to be funny) …I do not stalk people.

    Serially single I am – stalker I am not.


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