No he’s just visiting.

I have not completely lost my mind – he’s here while his owners, clients of mine are in Paris. Already he is dirty, ragged, needs some cleaning and a combing. This house/pack…frat house for dogs, well it just is not designed for a little fru fru dog. I mean even the cat is double his size.

Exhausted – listening to Melissa Ferrick/Massive Blur. Now finally satiated in terms of Ferrick’s music…I have it all. Prefer her live albums, she is a little too restrained on her studio albums in my opinion. I enjoy all her woops and hollars, the improvisation that goes on at shows and ends up on the live albums. I will say Massive Blur holds up, great songs, now written nearly 15 years ago. Music is just as fresh today, as timeless. This album really does cause me to long for a day when she is playing with a full band behind her and has the funds for full scale production when she produces an album.

Not that a girl, a guitar does not rock out. She does, incredibly talented.

I think I have a wee little celebrity crush on Melissa Ferrick and just why dear readers (hundreds of you each week) why have you not delivered Melissa to me? Hmmm – where is this energy of the universe?

Nuf said.

I am finishing up pieces of art, adding some “mix” to the mixed media pieces, preparing them for hanging and so on. The show starts this Sunday. It has only taken me 45 years to get work into an art gallery but then again I only started to get back into art a few weeks ago. I will post some photos soon.

So worn out yet full of life – it all feels good right now. Job, career, art stuff and directions. I’d like more people to share my life with but it’s all good,great.

Rambling rose is going to sign out, she has a big bowl of popcorn to pop and “Juno” is going into the DVD player. Have not seen it and looking forward to it.

Enjoy your weekend, thanks for visiting.



5 Responses to “No he’s just visiting.”

  1. Denise Says:

    I also prefer Melissa’s live albums to her studio albums. And, I like her with a full band but prefer the old days when it was just Melissa and Brian. Also, Melissa unplugged is a truly amazing thing that I feel privileged to have seen.

  2. Yes — I love, love 70 people at 7,000 feet.

    janet (thanks for visiting Denise)

  3. You know, I’m not sure about M.F., as I haven’t really listened to her much, but in general, I prefer live albums over studio ones, there is just such energy from the crowd when you get a live track. Great post.

    Are you going to post more pictures of your art?

  4. Music is very personal — I think to really have a feel for Melissa Ferrick one needs to see her in person. Then one has a sense for her talent. So many recorded artists are really assisted (end up sounding good) because of all the money spent on masterful productions with the best of everything. Strip things down and they are not that great – many of these recorded artists cannot even play live.

    Remember the lip syncing fiascos…

    Having said that music is personal too, I cannot for example listen to Melissa Etheridge – it all sounds like she is screaming, it all sounds the same to me.

    But I could listen to Lucinda Williams and Ferrick all day long. Day, after day, after glorious day.

    (the photos I took in the gallery did not turn out like I had hoped, I’ll try again on Wednesday and hopefully have something to post. My work is weird and I am not expecting it to sell).

  5. I love your comment on this post as much as the post itself. You see I adore Melissa Etheridge, and have since the begining of time, I just get her. I did download M. F’s 70 people from 70,000 feet last night though, so I’m going to give it a whirl.

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