Ferrick …make it stop!

I try to hit “shuffle” – but I stop myself or am quickly returning to, yet again…

Press music, press artist, press FERRICK…press Massive Blur.

I have now listening to Massive Blur probably 50 times in the past 10 days.

OCD – me? nah? A woman I was dating said “I think you are a little obsessive – so there”? (we were fighting)

Yeah so…better then disinterested I say, so there.

But that is my brain, an addicts brain and now my brain is on Ferrick & damn this is a long, long phase.

Exhausted a two hour drive for a family gathering today each way (yes of course with M.F in the F-ing car all the way).

I always feel like an alien at family gatherings and I want to ask “ok which nurse switched babies by mistake in the hospital” – as I just do not fit.

I brought a bottle of shiraz, the entire afternoon I drank it. “Deadliest Catch” played continuously on the tv. No one had anything interesting to say – no books read, movies watched, jobs that bring something thrilling or meaningful to their lives. I drank more – I filled myself with greasy, unhealthy food that was as uninspired as the conversation.

I left…phew. My favorite dog Mr. Bliss is lying across my legs, I just adore him more than anything on earth. He is my dog soulmate.

Ok signing out on a Sunday. I just sent a message to Ms. o.c.d – I guess that proves her point. But then I am queer and our “post relationships” are often far, far longer lasting then our relationships.

Save me from myself – hit repeat, repeat, repeat ad nauseum. Sigh.



6 Responses to “Ferrick …make it stop!”

  1. Girl, I do the same exact thing…when I read your description of music, artist, I started laughing. Except I take it one step further, I make playlist after playlist, sometimes with just one or two songs repeating themselves. Oye….

  2. Oh playlists – I have not really explored the possibilities there.

    I’ll keep you posted. Do think I need more then one or two songs on mine though. gggg.


  3. Playlists are great, because you can put the exact songs you want on them. At least on my Mac, I just have to select the songs, then go up to the Edit menu, and select the option that say’s Create playlist from selection. Seriously, most of my playlists have 20 or 30 songs, but there are a few with 2 or 3 for when I’m feeling really obsessive.

    Have you listened to any more of Ruthie Foster or Kindred? I’m really loving both of them.

  4. Only what you posted — I have not had time for a single thing and now I am out of the house again. Putting in 13 hour days right now.

    I do like Ruthie – jury out for me on the other group.

    Go listen to Sometymes Why…trust me.


  5. Hahn at Home Says:

    I’m just diggin’ the I’m Middle Aged And Can’t Read That Damned iPOD Without My Glasses look you have going on.

  6. Ha Lori! Damn small type who could read it? And you are right my arms are not long enough and obviously anytime someone gives me something to read I fail the under 40 test.


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