Great Photographer. Great Photograph.

Portrait: Melissa Ferrick

Photographer: Angela Jimenez go to her website, she’s crazy talented. I think this shot is reminiscent of Annie Leibovitz’s work – I like how she captured Melissa’s vulnerability which always comes through in her lyrics. The paradox strength and weakness, openness and inaccessibility. Desire and fear – all of those fuzzy, intersecting lines.

Delicious. I often feel like I will implode there is so much talent in the world so much art to look at, listen to, read, embrace and engage in. I don’t know where to start and take some fantastic side trips.



4 Responses to “Great Photographer. Great Photograph.”

  1. This is a great shot of Melissa and you’re right, the photographer is amazing. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Hello Denise – thanks for visiting. Yes an amazing shot. I was reading the on-line Velvet Dyke magazine and toodling around came across the photographer and her website.


  3. It is an amazing shot. But, me being me…my first thought was that she must be so uncomfortable…

  4. That’s an interesting observation Maria as I think she is uncomfortable in general – not just in this photo. It’s one of the reasons I like this photo and her so much.


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