Cool stuff…

OK I admit it – I’m a shopper and a consumer. I love, love, clothes, shoes and jewelry. There I have said it, I try to control myself and mostly do…oh who the hell am I kidding I buy things I have no business buying and certainly they are not 1. essential 2. in the budget.

So where have I been…well for one to Jon Wye where I purchased my sparrow wrist cuff seen above, he has some fabulous tattoo inspired belts and fun t-shirts. And what queer girl does not need yet another cool t-shirt? There see nuf said.

And I have also been here – Dillon Rogers…where I found some other leather bracelets I just had to have.

And I am doing by best (which means eventually I will fail) to not buy this belt by Ed Hardy — I need it which means I will eventually break down and buy it. Because if I don’t have this belt I will never have a date again and if I do she will be sorry she didn’t answer my phone calls and give me another chance. It’s hot though right? and way less painful than the real deal tattoo.

And tomorrow – woo hoo – I am traveling with my two of my best friends to see Eddie Izzard (I am so jazzed, love him, expect a queer, queer, sexy crowd) in Detroit. So I am out shopping today as I feel a shirt with French cuffs is something I need so I can wear my black Ann Klein suit with some of my late father’s cuff links. I’ll post a picture if I can put it all together today.

Wish me luck – men’s department here I come. I have not been able to find a women’s shirt with french cuffs…so boys here I am, help me.

Go shop — you need all of these thing too and I’ll feel way less alone in my gross consumerism if you join me. It’s the patriotic thing to do (YES HELL YES – I hate hearing spending money is patriotic that is why I said it… to fuc!@# around).

janet (the 45 year old 5 year old – but – I want it. Tomorrow I’ll blog about my cock ring.)


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