I love Ellen…


4 Responses to “I love Ellen…”

  1. margaret Says:

    That’s great! I knew that Ellen was getting married but I didn’t know she interviewed McCain.
    I have come to see that ultra-conservatives feel that they have the right to impose their “higher” values on others. While progressives want to give people the opportunity to express their own values without judgement.

  2. I find it fascinating (he is so uncomfortable and should be) talking face to face with Ellen. That is what it is going to take people living their lives openly and honestly – one human being knowing another.

    It’s one thing to have a viewpoint it’s quite another to look another human being in the eye (as he is forced to do on the air) and hold views which discriminate and harm.

    And he is ashamed – it’s on his face and perhaps one day his views will change.

    Regardless one person at a time.


  3. Go Ellen! This is great. He does look uncomfortable doesn’t he? You made a great point about having to look a person in the eye and tell them you don’t view them as an equal. I still just don’t get it, why people are still fighting this so hard. It just screams ingnorance to me.

  4. glued blue glass Says:

    He’s a politician. And so who knows what he is truly thinking and feeling. Perhaps he is ashamed. I had to facilitate a pretty polarized group this week and it reminded me that some people cannot see other viewpoints no matter what. Tolerance and acceptance is just not possible for them.
    However, what Ellen is doing is normalizing queerness. Eventually, those with limited views will die out (of old age.)

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