With A Nose Full Of Dust…

With a nose full of dust I am going to sit down for a minute. Phew. No the photo is not of my house although it might be a mental view of how I see things. I am a sentimental person and I accumulate things. Many things but primarily books, music and art — oh and there are the animals. Hobbies music, art, sports – stuff grows, and grows and multiplies while my back is turned. Let’s not even talk about shoes or jeans.

STUFF! I bought this little cape cod style house about a 1,000 square feet (I live on the main floor which is around 500 or so)when I was 29 years old. I was drawn to the neighborhood and the enormous yard. 15 years later I am still 29 years old but the house, now older has filled up.

I pulled a corner cabinet out today that has not been moved in 15 years – caution I do not recommend one engage in such activities. Either move the furniture and dust behind at least yearly…or hire illegal immigrants that cannot speak English to clean your home for you. Not speaking English is important for two reasons 1. you don’t want to hear what they say about you and your lack of cleanliness 2. you don’t want them to be able to tell anyone you know how filthy dirty your house is.

Instead I pressed ahead alone and spent the entire day in my living room – I am almost through with the bookcases, never got to another room in the house. This includes the home office littered wall to wall with crap. It means I filled up the kitchen with junk I hauled out of the living room.

We (I – ok I will speak for myself) accumulate so much stuff. I wanted a desk in my living room. So I started the day by hauling out the sofa – alone – to the garage. It’s a large maple mission style sofa…hell yes heavy. It’s in the garage with the aforementioned corner cabinet. The fact that one cannot get anything out of the wall to wall full of stuff one car garage not important at the moment. I’ll deal with it later (in oh 3 or 4 years).

So I have moved the parrot cages and Kriken my double yellow head has never looked happier and he’s closer to the cockatiel who I brought home from a bird hoarding situation. And I have my table in the large bay window in the living room and I am sitting and typing at it now. Best light and nice view…I moved things here so I’d be able to write in a more pleasant location, as well as draw and paint.

It’s perfect for now.

Books – I have three six foot tall bookcases and a 1/2 width bookcase lining one wall. Books are in every possible square inch, including stacked to the ceiling on top. They have not been moved or dusted in say – ohh I dunno months. At least not 15 years. All of that said I realize I have to get rid of some of the books…garage sale, donate to a library, sell them on-line but move they must. So I began – I bargained with myself saying you can keep all the poetry, all the art books. You can keep first edition hardcovers but you must, must rid yourself of some of these books. So all the self help crap went in boxes first…how to simplify your life la, la, la. The irony that I have dozens of books on simple living did not elude me. Box, box, box them — all the paperbacks put them in a box dammit Janet! I did. Or mostly so _ I have a bookshelf left to go through.

How many books you ask (and this is just one room in my house, of course all the rooms have books what a silly question). Well I have 10 large cartons of books in my kitchen right now waiting for me to rally one last time and haul them down to the basement. It should be twelve but when I pulled 10 large boxes out of the dumpster a few hours ago I told myself “oh that should be plenty” – it wasn’t.

Anyway the living room is nearly squeaky clean for the first time in probably a decade there isn’t a single thing on top of the bookcases and all of the books in the bookcases has been dusted. I am sitting at a table looked out at the weeds in my front yard garden (yes, yes another day) – the sun is getting lower in the sky and it’s a lovely warm day. Hot really the temps went into the 80’s today.

Listening to Randi Driscoll’s album “The Play” and yes you should listen to her, she’s fantastic and this is one of my favorite albums period.

And I am going to go through the house like this, ridding myself of clutter as I have in my life…room by room a clean sweep. It felt heavy the accumulation of so much stuff, the detritus of my life – now things feel much lighter. With room for some positive energy to flow in and I’d actually open the door and let someone in. Previously the only people I let in the house were ones I wanted to have sex with – I’m a merry recluse and not inclined to entertain at home.

In fact last night a man was knocking at the door I could see him from the sofa and he could see me. I waved him away “go away” and did not move from my spot on the sofa. Only he didn’t go away – so I just waiting him out. Moron stood on my porch for several minutes. YES I see you, not interested –go away. Finally he did. I digress.

Things has gotten a tad out of hand. So time to sign off and mess it up some, I’m starving. Now just to wade my way through all those cartons of books in the kitchen fortunately I maintained a path to the refrigerator.



2 Responses to “With A Nose Full Of Dust…”

  1. I so absolutely relate to this post- the books, the lurking hidden crud, even the moron at the door. Thank you for the laugh.

    It does feel good to clear out, lighten up (what are we thinking when we buy those self-help books?) and let go. I had a huge yard sale two years ago and was astonished at the loads of crap I unearthed.

    Now we are living in a small space (with boxes of art and poetry books in storage) and I wander around this uncluttered space feeling as if I’m missing something.

    Well, yeah.


  2. Thanks for visiting – -yes just last year I filled up the largest dumpster available with stuff. Stuff and more stuff! Gremlins sneak it in here in the middle of the night and the morons at the door must be knocking and wanting their stuff back.

    Maybe I should answer…



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