May 27

I am enjoying my new clean space and re-arrangement of furnishings/purpose in the house. That seems important to me that we reinvent our places, spaces, wardrobes any tiny change forces us to see ourselves and the world in a new way. So I have new spaces in the same old space and will acquire new habits to go along with the changes.

The weather is really traveling in extremes – it was very hot yesterday and muggy, this morning it’s cool and overcast again. Just as well as I have enough to do to need to make list, the list is causing me a wee bit of panic.

Time to run the hounds and tackle the day.

In the meantime this quotation appears in my book of Buddhist offerings…

“Usually we think that brave people have no fear. The truth is that they are intimate with fear.” – Pema Chodron

So how is your relationship with fear? What brave things have you tackled lately?

I have slain some dust monsters…and let go of some of my book fortress. If that is not brave enough well I take vacations to strange places by myself (that’s pretty good) and man would I like to take one now.

Enjoy your day!


One Response to “May 27”

  1. i have an almost (well, not almost) need to regularily purge my belongings….this usually coincides with some emotional/mental work…

    my relationship with fear…? hmmm….i’ve been inviting it in for coffee quite often this last year…:)


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