boy, Boy, it’s a BOY!!!

Nah – not a boy. It’s me! I don’t even think I look particularly like a boy, except apparently when I am naked in a sauna. This is the “before” shot from the sleazy built in camera on the MacBook as you race backwards in three seconds or less trying not to trip over multiple dogs on the floor, or worse those trying to help you move.

Nuf said.

Why, why, why the photo (it’s the before shot)…I have decided to join Oprah and go on a 21 day cleanse of my own, you can read about Oprah’s journey here. But I am not reading it myself — I won’t have chefs, and personal coaches and bottle washers. And she’s wonderful but not funny and I need funny. This is going to be tough – no gluten, no caffeine, no meat or dairy, no say it is not true, NO SUGAR?!!! What the fuc!@#!! I told a friend yesterday what I was doing and her first response was “why”?! I keeled over with laughter, yes indeed why!?

And that’s a good question, one the author of “Quantum Wellness” Kathy Freston could answer here.

I’ve already moved in some of these directions over the past five years quitting smoking, beginning to exercise regularly, to eat more organic foods and more consciously. Middle age hits and your body gives you the first indications that it will not take the abuse any longer. The late nights, the binge eating, that bottle of wine. You better take inventory of your life in middle age or you will have a crisis of psyche and health.

And I was suffering from what I believe were hormonal migraines (that would take me down and have me throwing up before every period), night sweats. Just a few changes to my diet, a few natural supplements have greatly reduced those symptoms. I.E. I am inspired by the rewards of the few changes I have made to continue to make more.

Admittedly I am a sugar junkie and it needs to end. I’d like to be a vegetarian if not a vegan.

I am exceeding a square…my button fly 501’s first became square, waist and inseam measurements were the same. This crushed my spirits – now I have exceeded the square meaning I need a larger waist size then inseam. No…no, no, no. Not acceptable.

I’ve put on 10-15 pounds this year and while it might be in part muscle (my friends and trainer keep saying it’s muscle, it’s muscle) last summers shorts are not buttoned without a great deal of effort and strain.

The book is not here yet so until then it’s life as usual and I am also downloading and reading this blog…Karina’s Kitchen. Her cooking blog with gluten free recipes is as beautiful to look at as it is interesting to read and I have a feeling the recipes will be equally delicious. Lori Hahn told me I’d like Karina Allrich’s blog A Painters Kitchen where she writes about art, words and life. Lori was right of course – it’s a great blog!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to run – I think I need a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts with a side of bacon and a double shot.

But just wait till I post my “after picture” I’m sure I’ll look just like this…anyone else want to come?


4 Responses to “boy, Boy, it’s a BOY!!!”

  1. Chef TinaMarie Says:

    Found your blog through my friend Jess’ blog comments.

    After reading this post I thought you might enjoy some of my veg/vegan recipes. There is a drop down in my guttter. Hope you stop by!

    Enjoy!…ChefTinaMarie :)~

  2. thank you for visiting — I’ll be sure to swing by your blog, in fact I’m on my way now.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    I’m surfing thru by way of my buddy Hahn. (Ann Arbor caught my eye on your comment, then, on my way to muscles.)

    I just woke up and feel a little confused, but, ah, you look like Torres! WTF are you talking about? I don’t get it, but I am a huge gym rat. Love working out!

    My cousins are in Ann Arbor today with one of their 6 month old twins. He was born with a narrowing of his aorta, which they fixed at birth but has since developed scar tissue. They live north of Port Huron, up in cowland and were worried about landing a hotel room because of the Arts festival. A wonderful social worker hooked them up.

    Hope you have a great date for the festival. I’ll love to see how the working out goes. You look like you are already THERE!

    best regards!


  4. Hello Peg – thanks so much for visiting and for the generous compliments.

    thanks, thanks – visit anytime!

    (wish your cousins well with their son)

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