The hiatus is over…

My “not dating” hiatus is coming to an end and while I wished to avoid the “hellish inferno” otherwise known as on-line dating well I am back in cyberland.

As I came out in middle age, late, well I don’t have many gay friends and those friends I do have are in various places of “in the closet” primarily due to where they are employed (the military). They often don’t want to go to events (pride, bars, activist events) with me. The others are in that place I refer to as “holed up” in a relationship, on a sofa somewhere eating chips/watching movies/playing guitar hero and no longer leave the house.

Gross stereotype I know – I wish there weren’t a kernel of truth in it.

Some single women on a slow Friday night, might cruise the match sites. While surfing around last night I could not help but notice that a woman I was interested in, and a former client was on one of the sites.

There’s nothing like a woman with blue eyes and a brain – to motivate my intelligent action. Back out she goes — I’ll ask for the collective power of my readership to send “good karma” my way.

Weeee…..I’m going to go write to her now.


5 Responses to “The hiatus is over…”

  1. Grumpy Granny Says:

    Good luck, good luck! I was fortunate to have a fairly large circle of women friends (gay and straight) in my town when I came out, and I met my honey right here in the place where I live. Now that she is retired, and I work at home, we DO hardly leave the house, it’s true! But I know there are good women out there online–I’ve met a couple myself, just on a “friendly” basis, but had good experiences. You have a lot of common sense, just use it and you’ll be fine!

    Keep us posted!


  2. glued blue glass Says:

    I have friends that do the online thing and it works for them. It kind of makes sense the way our lives are set up these days. Plus when you add the fact that some don’t yet feel comfortable going to open events and all. It’s hard. I am sending you good karma 🙂

  3. Thanks — I have gone this route before with mixed results and found much of it depressing. Although probably not much different then trying to meet people in other venues.

    I think the key may be endurance…


  4. Good luck! When I moved to a new town and didn’t know anyone, I happened to see a women’s hiking group listed in the local City Paper. Through that, I made lots of good friends, and met my sweetie — 10 years ago, and still going strong!

  5. Thanks all — one of my big problems is that I work most evenings (all) and weekends too. Just a few hours but daily…it makes attending social events difficult.

    I met some nice women when I was on-line before and we’ll see what happens this time.

    I am using my delete key more – today I heard from “into you deeply” and “slow screw 4 me”.

    I wish I was kidding.


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