First efforts linocuts…

These are the first efforts at some linoleum block prints I am working on and will take to the studio on Wednesday. Perhaps you remember carving into those blocks of brown linoleum in art class and how did we manage not to gouge the hell out of our fingers?

Anyway…the linocuts can be used two ways to apply glaze to smooth clay slabs in the bisque state for a glaze firing or one can press them right into the clay. The later choice is what I intend to experiment with, I want to press them right into the clay to get all of the texture of the carving.

Some simple efforts but that is what I am shooting for – a naive quality to the tiles.
I am trying to come up with something I can sort of crank out, that will sell and at least pay for all of the clay that I am using.

The day beckons, work calls and all I want to do is draw, write and play but best be a grown up and walk around with dogs…get on the phone with clients and teach a class instead.

No I don’t really consider that working — I consider it lucky and I am grateful to eeck out a living, in a wretched Michigan economy like I do. Making a life is so much more fun than making a living. I’ve done both and more money did not make me happier or even less stressed.

Todays “offering” is…

Every event, every situation in which you may find yourself has a positive value, even the dramas, even the tragedies, even the thunderbolt from a calm sky. Arnaud Desjardins


2 Responses to “First efforts linocuts…”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    The lino cuts are lovely…I’ve recently been OBSESSED with cutting rubber stamps…tons of them…

    “making a life is so much more fun than making money” Love this…

  2. I am going to have to play more with the concept. I found they did not make the strong impression in the clay I hoped they would. The stamps may need a wooden backing (so I can pound them into the clay), I might need a different clay with less grog.

    Hmmm – so many things to play with and I do want to carve some of my own rubber stamps as I use those with clay too.

    Thank you so much for visiting, you have an amazing eye, blog and art!


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