Ten Things I Know Are Good & Good For You.

1. This salad. Edame Salad with Cranberries, Feta Cheese and Basil.

2. The color orange.

3. Living in the present moment.

4. Great music like her and her.

5. Exercise.

6. A wonderful book. Jean Thompson “Throw Like A Girl”

7. Staying polite on the on-line dating sites when you’d like at times to put out your eyes with hot pokers, someone might pimp you out to their friends or one thing can lead to another.

8. Poetry

9. A great movie.

10. When much younger women are pursuing you, learning to keep all of your dials turned to “yes” instead of “oh no really I shouldn’t”.

11. Repeating #10 to yourself over and over again. I love summer! (oops that’s 11)



5 Responses to “Ten Things I Know Are Good & Good For You.”

  1. Girl on a road Says:

    Hi Janet,

    I just love visiting your blog – thank you for sharing so openly.

    My good friend, Faith (who also happens to be an amazing Pilates coach and wonderful Mom, Wife and all-around human) had a great suggestion:

    Someone should start a blog that will simply show us how many known blogs, in multiples of six, it would take to connect all the blogs in the blogosphere. I suspect she is right – we are all a lot more interconnected than we could imagine.

    Here’s how this will work:

    On my blog, I’ve listed out 6 blogs that I visit often. (yours is on there!)

    I’ve asked these 6 bloggers to visit my blog (girlonaroad.blogspot.com) and list 6 blogs that they know of as a comment.

    And, you should send me “YOUR 6”. Then you should contact “YOUR 6” and ask them to post “THEIR 6” back on MY blog as a comment (and including in their post who referred them)….and so on.

    I’ll keep track of the lists of 6 blogs as they come in, including date of addition and which other blog referred them to the 6-degrees experiment. I will try to find a way to draw a “hub map” like what they have on “The L Word”, in the meantime.

    We need to try to limit repetition, for this to be most effective. So if you see a blog on our Bloggeration list, below, pick a different one.

    Hope to hear from you!
    (girl on a road)

  2. Janet…

    Very funny email you sent me! Seriously that salad looks to die for, I’m an edamame freak, a feta freak and a dried cranberry freak….is there a dressing on it???


  3. OC you can click the link to get the recipe…it is delicious. It has some olive oil and ground black pepper.

    It’s really good.


  4. Hello Ann Marie – thanks and thank YOU very much for the kind words about my blog, both here and on your site.

    I don’t know how to choose six sites as there are so many I visit and I do love them all equally.

    So with no desire to hurt anyone’s feelings you can select any six from my blogroll and consider us in agreement that they are terrific blogs.


  5. Girl on a road Says:

    you know, Janet…next to reading YOUR blog….one of my fave things to do when I have the spare time is to troll for other interesting blogs in your blogroll.
    I will have a look and let you know what I find. Thanks!

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