Grace The Spot

If you don’t read the Grace The Spot blog – well I feel sorry for you, you should.

It really is one of the funniest blogs out there, well written and occasionally YES relying on gross stereotypes – that are admit it bitches – grossly funny, as they are on some level true. It’s why we laugh.

This post today had me in stitches. But I get so tired of being the dangerous single girl and “HEY – does anyone go out anymore” amongst my peers.

Go go have a chuckle unless you are one of those humorless lesbians and I’ll stop being redundant.

shame on me…



4 Responses to “Grace The Spot”

  1. glued blue glass Says:

    That was funny. I am definitely the stay at home type. A recently single friend of mine is always trying to get me to go dancing with her. Instead, I invited her and a few others over for “cocktails.” 🙂

  2. Just popping over. I did pop over to Grace’s spot as well, and you are right… very funny. But, you have got your own very funny spot right here, too. Loved reading through your blog. I laughed out loud quite a few times… especially with the dogs… Have a good one.. Kayce

  3. Thanks K.C. and thanks for visiting — pop over anytime.


  4. I used to be labeled “the coolest”. I have turned into a stay at homer. Waaaah!

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