I Want To Date My Dog.

Which I am sure is what all those conservatives are thinking – first we let the queers marry one another and now (just as we predicted) they want to date and marry their pets.


She is twelve years old and the best dog I have ever had. They are called Belgian Tervuren dogs — and I have three. I want to marry them all ’cause I am just that perverted.

First of all she is smart – so very smart and graceful. They move with a complete absence of effort, they glide. Uber aware of their bodies they are gentle they don’t tend to slam into you, knock you off of your feet or bowl you over. They share space in a manner that is most companionable.

They can be quiet and calm or run as far as you’d like to go with them. Belgian dogs are versatile and can do many things but obsess over few things (they don’t tend to be ball fantantics and thank goodness neither am I).

A Belgian dog in not effusive (not at first) will size up the situation in a conservative manner they don’t rush into any relationship, they wait. But once they have decided you are the one — they are loyal, loyal, loyal and absolutely overzealous in their preference for you.

She is so very smart, pretty and graceful – strong when necessary, a tad complex, yet easy to be with. Quintessentially feminine.

I think I’ll start calling her Ferrick.


3 Responses to “I Want To Date My Dog.”

  1. Hahn at Home Says:

    First dog I got as an adult was a rescue (meaning I rescued it) 1/2 Terv/1/2 Collie.

    I’ve had herders ever since.

    Nik was beautiful, smart, discerning of people and other animals and died of a broken heart when my male Collie died. What heart Nik had, what heart.

  2. I will always have herding dogs – they are my favorite. I have “rescued two” from death row…one a tervuren and one the dog I am in the photos with. She weighed 14 pounds, had lived 24/7 on a chain and was a terrified but vicious food guarder when I brought her home.

    A special beam of light shines on her now – and all the other dogs too but those you adopt are extra special.


  3. Aaaaw, who couldn’t resist that sweet face?

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