Let my partner stay here.

I saw this on the For Va Jay Jays Only blog here.

Our laws are ridiculous of course — it’s hard to watch but in the end I choose to believe love wins. The day will come when we will all be able to call ourselves beautiful and nothing less.

All humans, all equal, all the same.



3 Responses to “Let my partner stay here.”

  1. Wow…now this one hit me hard. I’m Canadian, one of the hardest parts of my own transition right now is figuring how how the hell to manage to stay in the US legally once I am no longer married. I have SO few options. I have my writing and my photography that could support me, but I can’t do either of them legally. The pull to go back home is strong sometimes, but then I’d be either leaving my girls behind (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN) or taking them from their father (equally unthinkable). And now that I’m in love with a woman I can imagine being with for a long, long time – leaving seems even more impossible…but then, so is staying. Thanks for sharing that video – think I need to get writing…

  2. It was hard for me to watch too — I think if more people were exposed to these very real human stories perhaps change would happen more quickly then it is.

    I will look forward to anything you have to write, although I hope you don’t need to write about struggling.

    of course-

  3. thewishfulwriter Says:

    wow. that was incredibly powerful. and so sad.

    i think this would be a great video to post on lesbiatopia.

    it’s incredibly powerful.


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