New work in the studio…not glazed yet.

I took some photos of the new work I am doing in the clay studio yesterday — I am really having fun with the direction these pieces are taking. They are all hand-built stoneware and I am not sure how I want to finish them yet. At the moment I am leaning towards a painted finish.

The “Altar Of Despair” is my altar of angst – and I’ll paint it, plan to add some tin wings and tiny signs to place on the altar…you know for things one needs to release. Like debt, guilt, certain women, my own poor spelling and smiley faces.

I have a number of other finished new pieces – some raku fired, some burnished and barrel fired. I’ll post those photos later in the week. Thinking of doing at artist’s blog, with the pieces that are for sale – like my friend (who is an UBER talented real artist) check out her work here.

Hoping sitting next to her is rubbing off on me.

…so many new visitors to the site, I roll out the welcome mat and love to get comments (and usually reply to them all).


3 Responses to “New work in the studio…not glazed yet.”

  1. For Va Jay Jays Only Says:

    beautiful work…looking forward to the artist’s blog

  2. Cool, they look like leather. Love the embossing.

  3. Thanks, thanks — I am having fun, afraid to glaze them as glazing is a whole other frustrating world for me right now.


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